On the beaten track – is it worth it?

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Everybody or nearly everybody has the same guidebook with them on their backpacker trip – Lonely Planet is for many backpackers “The backpacker bible”

This creates some troubles though, if everybody is using the same guidebook, then we will stumble upon each other again and again. This can be a problem if you are searching for adventure and exploration – it’s hard to have a feeling of exploring when there is a thousands who has done exactly the same thing the last couple of weeks.

If you are looking for new adventures and exploration without having the feeling of too many people stepping on the same old steps as you’re doing, then it might be a great idea to some of the following:
Find another guidebook like ??? , and use that instead, less known guidebooks, might recommend other destinations, and thereby less beaten tracks.
Find your knowledge online, get inspired by other people who has same interests as you. Maybe you find a person with similar interests on Twitter, Facebook or other social medias.
Take a chance – take the bus,train or plane to somewhere you have never heard about, and be explorating.

On the other hand – it might be a good thing to follow the beaten track, even though thousands follow it. Think about, you will find a lot of people to socialise with, share what you have just experrienced, drink a lot bears together, maybe find a boyfriend/girlfriend. There will always be someone to talk to when you suffer from homesickness, and there will always be someone to have a drink with. Cheers! :-)

What is your opinion, is it worth taking the beaten track?

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