To travel as a new mother with a baby

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A short guide about how to travel with a baby. Where is it good to travel and what preparations should you take? Read about the most important things I learned when we traveled with our 6 week old baby.

To go at all?
Before traveling abroad, it is good to consult your doctor or health care professional to check whether there is anything in relation to your body or your newborn baby that you need to be careful about.

Where to go?
The next thing to do, is to find out where you want to go, now you have a small baby in your arms. Your needs have probably changed and you may have changed your habits during pregnancy and after birth. The desire to be in the sun may have changed, and you may have less desire to travel in big cities. Maybe it’s just the opposite.

What to consider in terms of the journey?
Once you have found the places you like and can afford to travel to, it is now your need to investigate whether there are special circumstances you must take into account. What kind of vaccinations suits for each country?

You may want to examine how medical and hospital environment is in the country. Is it easy to get in contact with your doctor and can you communicate on their language if needed? Search the web and make a list of phone numbers for doctors, hospitals and emergency calls. It can be nice for you to know what to do in case of illness or accidents.

Each airline has their own individual rules for traveling with an infant. Check online how they relate to the different areas, as ticket prices, seats, lift and changing places. There are also specific rules on how much luggage a baby can have with it for free.

The air pressure in the plane changes when taking off and landing. It can sometimes be felt in the ears and hurt be hurtfull for the baby. Infants do not have the ability to self-equalize the pressure in their ears and therefore it can hurt. A good idea is to breastfeed your baby while takeoff and landing.

When travelling in a hot country, it is worth considering to find a place with aircon. The baby may need to cool off during the day and also at night. In addition, it may be easier to get to sleep in cool air than in warm air.

Where will you be staying? You must consider whether you have the need to boil pacifiers and baby bottles, and if you are willing to wash the clothes yourself or get the hotel service to wash it for you. There will be used many diapers and there will be a lot of dirty clothes.

I hope this will be a little helpful for you travelling with a baby.

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