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The is the first of many articles with great Travel tips from our users. This issue, Travel Tips Asia, focuses on South East Asia. With tips for Thailand, Indonesia and Laos.

Take it easy in Thailand
In Asia patience is respected – so get used to thing taking a lot longer – your meal wont be served quicker if you loose your temper. More likely it will be further delayed. It is a part of the charm of travelling :-). (Maria)

Finding you way – buy a postcard
If you are trying to find a special attraction – you can probably buy a postcard with a picture of it. When you have the postcard just point at the picture, and people will direct you in the right direction. (Peter)

Wild Party on Bali
If you are a partyfreak, you should go to “The Bounty Club” on Kuta Beach – buy a cannonball drink and party all night. (Katrine)

Visit Mount Bromo
If you want to visit Mt. Bromo in Indonesia, then remember to be at the crater very early… Otherwise it’s nearly impossible to get a spot with a good view (it is really crowded with tourists). (Peter)

Go to a morning market in Laos
Several laotian markets start early in the morning. Find out if there is a morning market in the towns you visit, and if there is, get up early and experience the markets before the other travellers wake up. (Peter)

Train instead of bus in Bangkok
When arriving in Bangkok (and other large cities?) it is often easier to take a train or tram than a bus. Busses takes longer time and get caught in traffic :-). (William)

Get a cheaper cabride
If the cab doesn’t use a meter – you will – as a tourist almost always be told a more expensive price than the locals. What to do? Ask a local to ask the driver for a driver and pay only the driver the quoted amount. (Maria)


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